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Friedman: Quiz


Question 1: ________, singer and candidate for the Texas gubernatorial election, 2006
George W. BushKinky FriedmanWillie NelsonAustin, Texas

Question 2: ________, advice columnist also known as Ann Landers
Dear AbbyPope John Paul IIEppie LedererAsk Ann Landers

Question 3:
  • ________, a neologism named after columnist Thomas L.
    Thomas FriedmanIsraelArab–Israeli conflictArab Peace Initiative

Question 4: ________, Nobel Prize-winning economist
Robert SolowGeorge StiglerMilton FriedmanGary Becker

Question 5: ________, Austrian philosopher, also known as Egon Friedmann
GermanyEgon FriedellBerlinMunich

Question 6: ________, physicist and ufologist
Betty and Barney Hill abductionPhilip J. KlassStanton T. FriedmanUnidentified flying object

Question 7: ________, documentary film directed by Andrew Jarecki
Capturing the FriedmansChild sexual abuseGeraldo RiveraChild pornography

Question 8: ________, science fiction author, also known as Jerrold David Friedman
David GerroldStar Trek: Deep Space NineThe Trouble With TribblesStar Trek: The Original Series

Question 9: ________, equations relating various cosmological parameters
Friedmann equationsHubble's lawUniverseBig Bang

Question 10: Friedman, Friedmann, and Freedman are common ________.
Icelandic nameFamily nameSurnamePersonal name

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