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Question 1: For example, a ________ stone sliding along the ice experiences a kinetic force slowing it down.
BowlingWheelchair curlingCurlingBowls

Question 2: Dry friction resists relative lateral motion of two solid ________ in contact.
Riemann surfaceSphereSurfaceTopological manifold

Question 3: A value of zero would mean no friction at all, an elusive property – even ________ vehicles have drag.
Magnetic fieldDiamagnetismMagnetic levitationMaglev (transport)

Question 4: Lubricants to overcome friction need not always be thin, turbulent fluids or powdery solids such as graphite and ________; acoustic lubrication actually uses sound as a lubricant.
QuartzChlorite groupTalcGarnet

Question 5: Many thermoplastic materials such as nylon, HDPE and ________ are commonly used in low friction bearings.
NomexDuPontWallace CarothersPolytetrafluoroethylene

Question 6: Devices such as wheels, ________, roller bearings, and air cushion or other types of fluid bearings can change sliding friction into a much smaller type of rolling friction.
Rolling-element bearingBearing (mechanical)Ball bearingThrust bearing

Question 7: The coefficient of friction is an empirical ________ – it has to be measured experimentally, and cannot be found through calculations.
Metric systemUnited States customary unitsMeasurementPlanck units

Question 8: According to the law of ________, no energy is destroyed due to friction, though it may be lost to the system of concern.
EntropyMomentumVis vivaConservation of energy

Question 9: A common way to reduce friction is by using a ________, such as oil, water, or grease, which is placed between the two surfaces, often dramatically lessening the coefficient of friction.
LubricantOil additiveMotor oilDiesel fuel

Question 10: Some ________ tires are adhesive in this way.
National Hot Rod AssociationDrag racingTop FuelFunny Car


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