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Question 1: On instruments equipped with steel strings, such as folk guitars and ________, frets are eventually bound to wear down as the strings cut grooves into them.
Lead guitarBass guitarElectric Guitar DesignElectric guitar

Question 2: It has some popularity with musicians playing ________, although the concept can also be seen in more ancient instruments such as the sitar.
Hard rockRock musicHeavy metal subgenresHeavy metal music

Question 3: Tied gut frets, used on instruments such as the lute or ________, wear quickly, and must be replaced regularly.
ViolinDouble bassViolFretwork (music group)

Question 4: This is damped if the string were stopped with the soft fingertip on a ________ fingerboard.
Fretless guitarGuitarFender Precision BassBass guitar

Question 5: On most modern western instruments, frets are metal strips inserted into the ________.
GuitarFingerboardString instrumentBass guitar

Question 6: A fret is a raised portion on the neck of a ________, that extends generally across the full width of the neck.
Musical instrumentGuqinViolinString instrument

Question 7: Frets divide the neck into fixed segments at intervals related to a ________ framework.
MusicClassical musicMusical notationMusic theory

Question 8: On instruments such as ________, each fret represents one semitone in the standard western system where one octave is divided into twelve semitones.
GuitarBass guitarClassical guitarElectric guitar

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