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Question 1: The idea of creating a thinner, lighter lens by making it with separate sections mounted in a frame is often attributed to ________.
Isaac NewtonJean le Rond d'AlembertGeorges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonBenjamin Franklin

Question 2: Fresnel lenses are also used to correct several visual disorders, including several ocular motility disorders such as ________.
MyopiaAmblyopiaDuane syndromeStrabismus

Question 3: In photography, Canon developed a ________ (DO) version of their EF 70-300mm Lens using Fresnel lenses.

Question 4: Fresnel reflectors are used in ________ (CSP) plants to concentrate solar energy from the sun.
Concentrating solar powerSolar cellSolar thermal energySolar water heating

Question 5: Thus the active ________ surface can be reduced to a fraction compared to conventional solar modules.
Solar energyPhotovoltaicsDye-sensitized solar cellSolar cell

Question 6: ________ and naval air stations typically use Fresnel lenses in their optical landing systems.
Carrier battle groupTimeline for aircraft carrier serviceAircraft carrierDestroyer

Question 7: The light path through these elements can include an ________, rather than the simple refraction in the planar Fresnel element.
Optical fiberTotal internal reflectionFresnel equationsSnell's law

Question 8: [1] The ________ (1743–1794) proposed grinding such a lens from a single thin piece of glass.
French RevolutionThomas PaineMarquis de CondorcetLiberalism

Question 9: New applications have appeared in ________ utilization, where Fresnel lenses are used to concentrate sunlight (with a ratio of almost 500:1) onto solar cells.
Solar energyRenewable energySolar powerSolar thermal energy

Question 10: The design enables the construction of lenses of large ________ and short focal length without the weight and volume of material that would be required in conventional lens design.


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