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Question 1: The frequentist view was arguably foreshadowed by ________, in Rhetoric,[2] when he wrote
AristotleEmpiricismPlatoBertrand Russell

Question 2: Frequency probability is the interpretation of probability that defines an event's ________ as the limit of its relative frequency in a large number of trials.
Random variableStatisticsProbabilityBayesian inference

Question 3: Frequentists talk about probabilities only when dealing with well-defined random ________.
Interaction (statistics)Randomized controlled trialStatistical unitExperiment

Question 4: ________ presented the same conception in 1843, in Exposition de la théorie des chances et des probabilités.
Antoine Augustin CournotPierre-Simon LaplaceSiméon Denis PoissonJoseph Louis Lagrange

Question 5: Other influential figures of the frequentist school include John Venn, R.A. Fisher, and ________.
StrasbourgGerman EmpireRichard von MisesLudwig von Mises

Question 6: The shift from the classical view to the frequentist view represents a ________ in the progression of statistical thought.
PseudoscienceFalsifiabilityScientific revolutionParadigm shift

Question 7: This school is often associated with the names of Jerzy Neyman and Egon Pearson who described the logic of ________.
Normal distributionStatistical hypothesis testingMultiple comparisonsConfidence interval

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