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Question 1: Today, the hard work of letter counting and analysis has been replaced by ________ software, which can carry out such analysis in seconds.
Personal computerLinuxCentral processing unitComputer

Question 2: It may be necessary to ________ incorrect guesses or to analyze the available statistics in much more depth than the somewhat simplified justifications given in the above example.
Combinatorial optimizationAlgorithmBacktrackingEight queens puzzle

Question 3: In ________, frequency analysis is the study of the frequency of letters or groups of letters in a ciphertext.
Enigma machineCryptographyData Encryption StandardCryptanalysis

Question 4: For example, entire novels have been written that omit the letter "e" altogether — a form of literature known as a ________.
Constrained writingJZLipogram

Question 5: For instance, given a section of ________, E tends to be very common, while X is very rare.
English languageSouth AfricaCanadaAmerican English

Question 6: In this example from ________, Eve's guesses were all correct.
Edgar Allan PoeA Descent into the MaelströmThe Gold-BugThe Purloined Letter

Question 7: The first known recorded explanation of frequency analysis (indeed, of any kind of cryptanalysis) was given in the 9th century by ________, an Arab polymath, in A Manuscript on Deciphering Cryptographic Messages.
Al-KindiAlhazenNasir al-Din al-TusiAbu Rayhan Biruni

Question 8: Cryptanalysis: Frequency analysis | ________ | Kasiski examination
ROT13Substitution cipherIndex of coincidenceVigenère cipher

Question 9: In a simple ________, each letter of the plaintext is replaced with another, and any particular letter in the plaintext will always be transformed into the same letter in the ciphertext.
Substitution cipherFrequency analysisOne-time padHill cipher

Question 10: Its use spread, and similar systems were widely used in European states by the time of the ________.
Italian RenaissanceBaroqueRenaissanceWestern art history


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