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French folk music: Quiz


Question 1: The sardana is played by a band (coble) consisting of three kinds of oboes, flutes and other instrument, including ________ and bagpipes among some recent revivalists.
ShawmSornaCor anglais (English horn)Bassoon

Question 2: Languedoc is home to several unusual instruments, including the bodega, a kind of bagpipe, and the aboès and graille, both kinds of ________.
BassoonCor anglais (English horn)Oboe d'amoreOboe

Question 3: The former includes the sardana and is based around the city of ________.

Question 4: As Europe experienced a wave of ________,in the 1950s and 60s[1] France found its regional cultures reviving traditional music.
Roots revivalAmerican folk musicFolk rockFolk music

Question 5: ________, Limousin, Gascony, Corsica and Auvergne were among the regions that underwent a popularization of folk music.
NantesBreton languageBreton peopleBrittany


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