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Question 1: The immediate result of this was the storming of the ________ and the overthrow of the king.
Pavillon de FloreLouvreTuileries PalaceLouvre Palace

Question 2: After the ________ in 1796, 1,000 French soldiers who had been sent into battle unarmed were afterwards equipped with captured Austrian muskets.
Battle of MontenotteBattle of BorghettoMontenotte CampaignBattle of Millesimo

Question 3: Armée de Réserve Formed in secret by Napoleon and led by him personally during the Italian campaign of 1800, culminating in the ________.
War of the Second CoalitionBattle of Montebello (1800)Battle of Cassano (1799)Battle of Marengo

Question 4: In early 1793 ________, a prominent mathematician, physicist, and delegate to the Convention, was promoted to the Committee of Public Safety.
Lazare CarnotNapoleon IFrench DirectoryFrench Revolution

Question 5: Irish Rebellion of 1798________
French Revolutionary WarsFirst CoalitionHaitian RevolutionExpédition d'Irlande

Question 6: The French struck first, with an invasion of the ________ proposed by foreign minister Charles François Dumouriez.
Southern NetherlandsDutch RepublicBatavian RepublicEighty Years' War

Question 7: The man who would shape the era, ________, himself was an artilleryman.
Napoleon IFrench DirectoryNapoleonic WarsFirst French Empire

Question 8: In early 1793, the ________ was formed, not only from Prussia and Austria, but also Sardinia, Naples, Spain and Great Britain.
Expédition d'IrlandeFirst CoalitionHaitian RevolutionFrench Revolutionary Wars

Question 9: Much of the credit to the victory must go to the French ________, widely viewed as the best in Europe thanks to the technical improvements of Jean Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval.
SiegeMilitary historyNaval warfareArtillery

Question 10: As the ancien regime gave way to a constitutional monarchy, and then to a republic, the entire structure of ________ was transformed to fall into line with Revolutionary principles of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity".
CanadaUnited KingdomFranceItaly


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