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Question 1: Amid nostalgia for the ancient ________, the theories of the Enlightenment were at their peak, and the devisors of the new systems looked to nature for their inspiration.
Roman EmpireClassical antiquityAncient RomeRoman Republic

Question 2: ________ (or Fervidor) (from Greek thermon, "summer heat") / Berolis.
French Republican CalendarThermidorFrimaireBrumaire

Question 3: Instead of most days having an associated saint as in the ________, each day has an animal (days ending in 5), a tool (days ending in 0) or else a plant or mineral (all other days).
General Roman Calendar of 1962Tridentine CalendarGeneral Roman Calendar of 1954Roman Catholic calendar of saints

Question 4: The first day of each year was that of the ________.
EquinoxSolsticeWeek-day namesCalendar

Question 5: (See ________ for other significant dates under this calendar.
Ancien RégimeNational ConventionFrench DirectoryGlossary of the French Revolution

Question 6: Natural constants, multiples of ten, and ________ derivations formed the fundamental blocks from which the new systems were built.
Vulgar LatinLatinRoman EmpireOld Latin

Question 7: The English translations stated above are approximate, as most of the month names were new words coined from French, ________ or Greek.
Old LatinRoman EmpireLatinVulgar Latin

Question 8: Based on the above event, the term "Thermidorian" entered the ________ vocabulary as referring to revolutionaries who destroy the revolution from the inside and turn against its true aims.
Karl MarxDialecticMarxismDialectical materialism

Question 9: The days of the ________ and Republic saw many efforts to sweep away various trappings of the ancien régime; some of these were more successful than others.
French RevolutionNational ConventionNational Constituent AssemblyFrench Directory

Question 10: ________ were manufactured to display this decimal time, but it did not catch on.
Water clockMarine chronometerClockHorology

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