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Question 1: Bernard B. Fall, writing in the context of the ________, has called the notion that the Foreign Legion was mainly German at that time:
Vietnam WarChiang Kai-shekHo Chi MinhFirst Indochina War

Question 2: As a rule, and in order to prevent any particular nation from making the Legion into a ________, any particular national component is kept at about 25 percent of the total.
Roman EmpireAugustusPraetorian prefectPraetorian Guard

Question 3: The Legion was also in the Dardanelles and ________, and the Legion was highly decorated for its efforts.
Balkans Campaign (World War I)Serbian Campaign (World War I)Macedonian front (World War I)Romania during World War I

Question 4: The Legion landed at ________ on 17 August with around 4,000 men who were quickly dubbed Los Argelinos (the Algerians) by locals because of their previous posting.
Toledo, SpainTarragonaLugoAlcalá de Henares

Question 5: One short lived aberration was the wearing of green uniforms in 1856 by Legion units recruited in Switzerland for service in the ________.
Great Northern WarRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Russian Civil WarCrimean War

Question 6: ________ were distinguished by red or gold diagonal stripes on the lower sleeves of tunics, vestes and greatcoats.
Lance CorporalNon-commissioned officerCorporalSergeant

Question 7:
What is the garrison of the French Foreign Legion?
Devil's Tower Camp, Gibraltar
French Guiana
23d Tactical Fighter Wing
U.S. Army Pacific Command

Question 8: In January 1885 the Legion's 4th Battalion (chef de bataillon Vitalis) was deployed to the French bridgehead at Keelung (Jilong) in Formosa (Taiwan), where it took part in the later battles of the ________.
Tonkin commemorative medalKeelung CampaignKep CampaignSino-French War

Question 9:
What was the size of the French Foreign Legion?
c. 7,700 men in nine regiments and one sub-unit
728 soldiers
One regiment

Question 10:
What is the motto of French Foreign Legion?
Honneur au peuple du Quu00E9bec
La fidu00E9litu00E9 et la foi triomphent
Honneur et Fidu00E9litu00E9
"Honneur et Fidu00E9litu00E9"

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