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Question 1: Planned by ________, it was chartered by King Louis XIV for the purpose of trading in the Eastern Hemisphere.
MercantilismThomas MunJean-Baptiste ColbertJohn Locke

Question 2: From 1741 the French under Joseph François Dupleix pursued an aggressive policy against both the Indians and the British until they ultimately were defeated by ________.
Robert Clive, 1st Baron CliveEast India CompanyEnglandBritish Raj

Question 3: By 1719, it had established itself in ________, but the firm was near bankruptcy.
IndiaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 4: Several Indian trading ports, including Pondicherry and ________, remained under French control until 1954.

Question 5: ________, founded in 1731
Dutch East India CompanySwedish East India CompanyColin Campbell (Swedish East India Company)Götheborg (ship)

Question 6: The Company was not able to maintain itself financially, and it was abolished in 1769, about 20 years before the ________.
French RevolutionNational Constituent AssemblyNational ConventionFrench Directory

Question 7: The Company failed to found a successful colony on ________, but was able to establish ports on the nearby islands of Bourbon and Île-de-France (today's Réunion and Mauritius).
MaldivesMadagascarMozambiqueSaint Helena

Question 8: ________, founded in 1602
Dutch EmpireDutch West India CompanyDutch East India CompanyFrench East India Company

Question 9: The first state-sponsored French voyage to the Indies occurred in 1603, a voyage captained by Paulmier de Gonneville of ________.

Question 10: With the decline of the ________, the French decided to intervene in Indian political affairs to protect their interests, notably by forging alliances with local rulers in south India.
Mughal EmpireMongol EmpirePala EmpireTimurid dynasty


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