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French Bulldog: Quiz


Question 1: In The Hangover (film) ________ is seen holding a French bulldog puppy.
Tyson-Holyfield IMike TysonTyson (film)Punch-Out!! (NES)

Question 2:
Where does French Bulldog come from?

Question 3: ________ owns several French bulldogs.
Martha Stewart Living OmnimediaMartha StewartCharles KoppelmanDonald Trump

Question 4: In ________ Andrew observes a French bulldog masturbating at Sam's house.
Natalie PortmanBeautiful Girls (film)Zach BraffGarden State (film)

Question 5: French bulldogs frequently require ________ to give birth.
SurgeryICD-9-CM Volume 3Caesarean sectionObstetrics

Question 6: ________ singer Brandon Boyd owns a French bulldog named Bruce, which appears in the band's video for their song, Anna Molly.
Incubus (band)Incubus discographyMorning ViewLight Grenades

Question 7: Under the ________ and Canadian Kennel Club standards, weight is not to exceed 28 pounds (13 kg).
Conformation showDogWorking Group (dogs)American Kennel Club

Question 8: Cherry eye, or everted third eyelid, has been known to occur, although it is more common in (English) ________ and pug dogs.
BulldogFrench BulldogCompanion GroupEnglish Mastiff

Question 9: Bulldog/ French Bulldog at the ________
Open Directory ProjectLife (magazine)Time WarnerJim Barksdale

Question 10: As a result, one of the most common defects in French bulldogs is elongated soft palate or ________.
Johanson–Blizzard syndromeHiatus herniaHirschsprung's diseaseCleft lip and palate

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