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Question 1: [2] Catch-as-catch can was the style performed by at least a half dozen U.S. presidents, including George Washington, Zachary Taylor, ________, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S.

Question 2: American high school and ________ wrestling is conducted under different rules and is termed scholastic and collegiate wrestling.
Public school (government funded)Gymnasium (school)CollegeUniversity

Question 3: ________ (2006-12-01).
Fédération Internationale d'EscrimeInternational Federation of Associated Wrestling StylesInternational Hockey FederationInternational Federation for Equestrian Sports

Question 4: It is, along with ________, one of the oldest organized sports in history.
Track and field athleticsMarathonHalf marathonCross country running

Question 5: ________.
International Federation of Associated Wrestling StylesFédération Internationale d'EscrimeInternational Federation for Equestrian SportsInternational Hockey Federation

Question 6: ________ (2009-02-01).
Freestyle wrestlingAmateur wrestlingUSA WrestlingCollegiate wrestling

Question 7: Along with Greco-Roman, it is one of the two styles of wrestling contested in the ________.
NetballOlympic GamesRoller derbyWomen's sports

Question 8: Others of the main forms of wrestling are Greco-Roman and ________ (also called submission wrestling).
GrapplingBrazilian Jiu-JitsuMalla-yuddhaGrappling hold

Question 9: [4] Today, wrestlers from Russia and ________ have had the strongest showings.
JapanCambodiaCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 10: The rise of cities, increased industrialization, and the closing of the frontier provided the affable environment for amateur wrestling, along with ________, to increase in esteem and popularity.
World Boxing CouncilKickboxingBoxingMartial arts

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