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Freestyle rap: Quiz


Question 1: Freestyles are either performed a cappella[1], over beatboxing (as seen in Freestyle as ________ improvises over Questlove's beatboxing)[1], or over instrumental versions of recorded Hip-Hop songs.
Phrenology (album)Things Fall Apart (album)Black ThoughtThe Roots

Question 2: ________ also refers to this earlier definition in his book, There's A God On The Mic[8]:
Kool Moe DeeTreacherous ThreeHip hop musicBig Daddy Kane

Question 3: Due to the improvised nature of freestyle, rules for meter and ________ are usually more relaxed than in conventional rap.
Musical notationRhythmTime signatureMeter (music)

Question 4: Freestyle rap commonly refers to rap lyrics which are ________ through acapella or with instrumental beats, i.e.
Whose Line Is It Anyway?Improvisational theatreImprovisationChicago

Question 5: Kool Moe Dee suggests that ________’s track ‘Men At Work’ is an “excellent example”[13] of “true”[13] freestyle, along with Rakim’s ‘Lyrics Of Fury’[15].
Big Daddy KanePharoahe MonchHip hop musicKool G Rap

Question 6: Although this kind of freestyling is very well respected today[1], ________ states that this was not the case previously:
Treacherous ThreeKool Moe DeeHip hop musicBig Daddy Kane

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