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Freedon Nadd: Quiz


Question 1: Ommin dies at the hand of ________.
Exar KunStar Wars Expanded UniverseUlic Qel-DromaFreedon Nadd

Question 2: In Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith, the exiled Jedi acolyte ________ discovers the Sith artifacts and falls under the sway of Nadd's evil spirit, which leads Kun to Korriban and then to Yavin IV.
Luke SkywalkerStar Wars Expanded UniverseUlic Qel-DromaExar Kun

Question 3: Nadd then succumbs to the teachings of the ________ and becomes proficient in the use of dark side magic.
SithPalpatineLuke SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker

Question 4: Freedon Nadd is a fictional character in the ________ Expanded Universe.
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceStar Wars Episode IV: A New HopeStar Wars

Question 5: After collecting many Sith artifacts from the Sith planet ________, Freedon Nadd goes to Onderon, where he teaches the planet's inhabitants about Sith lore and magic, hoping to establish his own Sith Empire.
List of Star Wars planets (C–D)List of Star Wars planets (A–B)List of Star Wars planets (K–L)Chronology of Star Wars


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