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Question 1: The rights specified include the right of citizens to leave and enter the country and the right of both citizens and ________ to move within its boundaries.
United StatesPermanent residencySpainJapan

Question 2: Constitutional challenges to these restrictions have thus far failed in Weinstein v Albright and ________.
Rational basis reviewCalifano v. AznavorianStrict scrutinyEunique v. Powell

Question 3: Where a person prevents another from freely leaving an area, either by physically imprisoning them or by threats, that person may be subject to a lawsuit for ________, and to criminal charges for kidnapping.
False arrestFraudNeutral reportageFalse imprisonment

Question 4: The ________ of the United States Constitution states, "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States." As far back as the circuit court ruling in Corfield v.

Question 5: But that does not justify tossing away a constitutional liberty so important that it has been a constant of Anglo-American law since ________, and of civilized thought since Plato."
Common lawEdward CokeMagna CartaSharia

Question 6: Within the European Union, residents are guaranteed the right to freely move within the EU's internal borders by the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and the European Parliament and Council ________ of 29 April 2004.
European Free Trade AssociationEuropean Economic AreaDirective 2004/38/EC on the right to move and reside freelySchengen Agreement

Question 7: During a famine in 6 AD, he attempted to relieve strain on the food supply by granting senators the liberty to leave ________ and to travel to wherever they wished.

Question 8: The Supreme Court has acknowledged that freedom of movement is closely related to ________ and to freedom of expression.
LibertyFreedom of religionFreedom of associationFreedom of assembly

Question 9: However, the subsections protect poorer regions' ________ programs that favour residents who have lived in the region for longer.
MalaysiaUnited KingdomAffirmative actionUnited States

Question 10: The Constitution of Canada contains mobility rights expressly in section 6 of the ________.
Governor General of CanadaCanadian federalismCanadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsPeace, order and good government


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