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Freedom of association: Quiz


Question 1: [1] The right to freedom of association has been included in a number of national constitutions and human rights instruments, including the US constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights and the ________.
Canadian federalismCanadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsPeace, order and good governmentConstitution of Canada

Question 2: Freedom of association is a term popular in ________ literature.
Individualist anarchismRobert NozickAnarcho-capitalismLibertarianism

Question 3: In the ________, the term 'right to work' is more common for this type of law.
United StatesPhilippinesCanadaAlaska

Question 4: See main article: ________
Electoral College (United States)United States CongressUnited States ConstitutionUnited States

Question 5: In the international labour movement, the freedom of association is a right identified under international labour standards as the right of workers to organize and ________.
Collective bargainingEmploymentLabour lawTrade union

Question 6: More specifically the freedom of assembly is understood in a political context, although depending on the source (________, human rights instrument etc) the right to freedom of association may be understood to include the right to freedom of assembly.
United KingdomLawConstitutionDemocracy

Question 7: Expressive associations are groups that engage in activities protected by the First Amendment—speech, assembly, press, petitioning government for a redress of grievances, and the free exercise of ________.
ReligionSoulAtheismRelationship between religion and science

Question 8: For example, somebody who valued good manners or ________ may not relish associating with someone who was not decent or was uncouth.
FashionFaux pasIntercultural competenceEtiquette

Question 9: Right-libertarians sympathetic to freedom of association, such as ________, respond that in a case of refusing service (which thus is a case of the freedom of contract) unjustified discrimination incurs a cost and therefore a competitive disadvantage.
Cass SunsteinRichard EpsteinClarence ThomasYale Law School

Question 10: Article 1: Freedom, Egalitarianism, ________ and Brotherhood
Article 2: Universality of rights
DignityReproductive rightsNatural and legal rightsHuman rights

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