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Question 1: Some values which are nearly universal--as universal as values can be in a community of millions--are the preference for public discussion of technical matters, and opposition to software patents and parts of the ________.
Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation ActDigital rights managementCopyright Term Extension ActDigital Millennium Copyright Act

Question 2: When the ________ began in 1983, the community of users was mostly academics and computer programmers.
Open-source softwareFree Software FoundationCopyleftFree software movement

Question 3: An example of a more difficult entry was that of ________.
Napster (pay service)NetflixRealNetworksZune

Question 4: Well known websites which the free software community participate in are Slashdot, LWN, and ________, although these are not exclusively used by the free software community.
GeeknetYahoo!DellIntel Corporation

Question 5: With the success of free software such as Linux, ________, Mozilla Firefox, and, many companies have begun interacting with the free software community.
Apache StrutsApache HTTP ServerApache HarmonyApache Ant

Question 6: Sun's use of the community's preferred licence was also welcome, because it allowed ________ to be shared with other projects.
Source codeAssembly languageProgramming languageEmacs

Question 7: Difficulties include the choice of ________, and the selection of what software will be released as free software.
CopyleftOpen-source softwareDigital rights managementFree software licence

Question 8: And they can be caused by a conflict of business models and the use of trademarks, as is the case for the ________.
Mozilla Corporation software rebranded by the Debian projectCaminoMozilla FirefoxMozilla Thunderbird

Question 9: Most communication is done over the ________ via mailing lists, wikis and forums, and some is done at conferences.
World Wide WebInternetInternet Relay ChatE-mail

Question 10: The free software community is an informal term that refers to the users and developers of ________ as well as supporters of the free software movement.
LinuxProprietary softwareOpen-source softwareFree software


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