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Question 1: Modern descendants of free love could be seen to include the contemporary sex-positive, ________, and queer movements and figures such as Susie Bright, Patrick Califia, and Annie Sprinkle.
MarriageRomance (love)Human sexual behaviorPolyamory

Question 2: [2] Much of the free-love tradition is an offshoot of ________, and reflects a civil libertarian philosophy that seeks freedom from state regulation and church interference in personal relationships.
Henry David ThoreauNoam ChomskyAnarchismIndividualist anarchism

Question 3: Like some of those before, the beats challenged a range of social conventions, and they found inspiration in such aspects of black culture as ________ music.
BluesJazzDixielandAmerican popular music

Question 4: A group of Villagers lived free-love ideals and promoted them in the political journal ________ and its sister publication The Little Review, a literary journal.
American realismThe MassesJohn Reed (journalist)John French Sloan

Question 5: ________ was classified as a mental disorder, and free love was further demonized.
HomosexualityBisexualitySexual orientationLesbian

Question 6: She developed a relationship with early English anarchist ________, who shared her free love ideals, and published on the subject throughout his life.
William GodwinAnarchismIndividualist anarchismPeter Kropotkin

Question 7: In ________ (1961), Protagonist Valentine Michael Smith founds his own church preaching free love.
The Moon Is a Harsh MistressStarship TroopersRobert A. HeinleinStranger in a Strange Land

Question 8: The best-known modern British advocate of free love was the philosopher ________, later Third Earl Russell, who said that he did not believe he really knew a woman until he had made love with her.
Bertrand RussellWillard Van Orman QuineAlfred North WhiteheadAristotle

Question 9: From the late 1940s to the 1960s, the bohemian free-love tradition of Greenwich Village was carried on by the ________, although differing with their predecessors by being an apparently male-dominated movement.
American literatureUnited StatesBeat GenerationAbstract expressionism

Question 10: Many of the leaders of ________ attacked free love.
Women's rightsFeminist movementWomen's suffrage in the United StatesFirst-wave feminism

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