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Question 1: [13] On June 9, 2009 the Office of Naval Research announced it had awarded ________ a contract to develop a 100 kW experimental FEL.
RaytheonAIM-120 AMRAAMAGM-65 MaverickAIM-9 Sidewinder

Question 2: The acceleration of the electrons along this path results in the release of a ________ (synchrotron radiation).
QuarkPhotonStandard ModelAtom

Question 3: The beam passes through an FEL oscillator in the form of a periodic, transverse magnetic field, produced by arranging magnets with alternating poles within a ________ along the beam path.
Optical cavityOptical fiberResonanceLongitudinal mode

Question 4: Through the interaction of this radiation and the electrons' ________, they drift into microbunches separated by a distance equal to one radiation wavelength.
VibrationHarmonic oscillatorOscillationElectronic oscillator

Question 5: The electron beam must be maintained in a ________ which requires the use of numerous pumps along the beam path.
UniverseAlhazenVacuumOuter space

Question 6: To create an FEL, a beam of ________ is accelerated to almost light speed (technically known as relativistic speed).

Question 7: These accelerators are typically powered by ________, which require a high voltage supply.
KlystronMicrowaveVacuum tubeElectron


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