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Free Lossless Audio Codec: Quiz


Question 1:
Who developed Free Lossless Audio Codec?
Josh Schwartz
Xiph.Org Foundation, Josh Coalson
Black Wing Foundation
Digital Equality Foundation

Question 2: The sources for libFLAC and libFLAC++ are available under's ________, and the sources for flac, metaflac, and the plugins are available under the GPL.
MIT LicenseBerkeley Software DistributionOpen-source softwareBSD licenses

Question 3:
What license is Free Lossless Audio Codec distributed under?
command-line utilites: GNU GPL
Mozilla Public License
Originally Proprietary, BSD license since 2000
Artistic License 2.0

Question 4:
When was Free Lossless Audio Codec released?

Question 5: ________ Wii when running the Wii homebrew app MPlayerWii or MPlayer CE[23]
NintendoSonyCanon (company)Fujitsu

Question 6: There are build systems for autoconf/automake, ________, Watcom C, and Xcode.
Microsoft SQL ServerVisual C++Microsoft SilverlightMicrosoft Visual Studio

Question 7:
Which of the following genres does Free Lossless Audio Codec produce?

Question 8: With incorporation, the ________ container format, suitable for streaming (also called Ogg FLAC)
Free Lossless Audio CodecVorbisOggSpeex

Question 9: The reference implementation of FLAC compiles on many platforms, including most Unix (such as Solaris and Mac OS X) and Unix-like (including Linux, ________), Windows, BeOS, and OS/2 operating systems.
Berkeley Software DistributionOpenSolarisMINIXGNU

Question 10: iPod - 1st through 5.5th generation, iPod mini and 1st generation iPod nano (not the shuffle, 2nd/3rd gen nano, classic or touch), using third party ________ firmware
WavPackFree Lossless Audio CodecVorbisRockbox


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