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Question 1: Jubilant crowds greeted the ________.
Liberation of ParisMilitary history of France during World War IIInvasion of NormandyVichy France

Question 2: In late 1942, after the ________, the Vichy French forces under Governor-General Armand Léon Annet were defeated and Free French General Paul Legentilhomme was appointed High Commissioner for Madagascar.
Indian Ocean raidBattle of MadagascarEast African Campaign (World War II)Easter Sunday Raid

Question 3: He asked French soldiers, sailors and airmen to join in the fight against the ________.
FascismAdolf HitlerNeo-NazismNazism

Question 4: ________
Military history of France during World War IIBattle of FranceVichy FranceParticipants in World War II

Question 5: The Allied forces advanced up the line of the Rhône River to liberate the Vosges and southern ________.

Question 6: To the west the Allies launched Operation Torch, an invasion of Vichy-controlled ________ in November 1942.
French colonial empireNew FranceBritish EmpireAcadia

Question 7: In Asia and the Pacific, the French South Pacific colonies of New Caledonia, ________ and the New Hebrides joined the Free French later.
TuvaluNiueFrench PolynesiaWallis and Futuna

Question 8: The ________ gradually grew in strength.
Western Front (World War II)Axis powersFrench ResistanceVichy France

Question 9: Some of the British Cabinet had attempted to block the speech, but were overruled by British ________ Winston Churchill.
Prime ministerAngela MerkelGordon BrownSilvio Berlusconi

Question 10: After the fall of France in 1940, the French colonies of ________ and French Equatorial Africa (except for Gabon) joined the Free French while the remainder sided with the Vichy Regime.
CamerounCharles de GaulleCameroonAlgerian War

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