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Question 1: [5] People lived here since the ________.
Deverel-Rimbury cultureAncient Near EastBronze AgeBronze Age Britain

Question 2: Initially the town grew slowly with population growing from 1,000 in 1770, to 1,200 in ________, and to 3,000 in 1850.
1800January 11January 1March 4

Question 3: Almost immediately numerous residential areas were constructed, starting in the eastern part near Copenhagen, and ending in the western part farthest away from Copenhagen in ________.

Question 4: This meant that the peasants were unable to pay taxes, and the land reverted back to the crown by Frederik III's son ________.
Christian V of DenmarkChristian IV of DenmarkFrederick IV of DenmarkFrederick III of Denmark

Question 5: Frederiksberg is located as an ________ within the municipality of Copenhagen, the national capital.
Right- and left-hand trafficUnited StatesVatican CityEnclave and exclave

Question 6: In ________ Parliament removed restrictions which prohibited permanent construction outside Copenhagen's city walls.
1852January 118501937

Question 7: The town is served by the Frederiksberg station, opened in 2003 on the ________.
M1 (Copenhagen)M2 (Copenhagen)Copenhagen MetroAnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro

Question 8: With a population of 95,029 in 2009 [1] it is the fifth Danish city after ________, Århus, Odense and Ålborg.

Question 9: [4] Thula translates as "song", like in the ________ poem from the Edda.
RígAtlakviðaBaldrs draumarGrottasöngr

Question 10: [3] In ________, Unferth holds the same title.
WidsithFinnesburg FragmentBeowulf (hero)Beowulf


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