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Frederick, Prince of Wales: Quiz


Question 1: Under the ________ passed by the English Parliament in 1701, Frederick was in the direct line of succession to the British throne.
Statute of Westminster 1931Canada Act 1982Constitutional Act of 1791Act of Settlement 1701

Question 2: ________
Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of HanoverErnest Augustus, Duke of BrunswickPrince George William of Hanover (1915–2006)Ernest Augustus, Prince of Hanover (1914–1987)

Question 3: The fort contains one of the ________, which houses the Royal Military College of Canada museum.
EnglandMartello towerBritish EmpireAustralia

Question 4: Fort Frederica, and the surrounding town of Frederica, on ________, Georgia, were named for him.
Country Club Estates, GeorgiaDarien, GeorgiaBrunswick, GeorgiaSt. Simons, Georgia

Question 5: Prince Frederick Louis (sometimes rendered Lewis),[2] the grandson of the then Elector of Hanover (later George I) and Sophia Dorothea of Celle, was born in Hanover, ________ as Duke Friedrich Ludwig of Hanover.

Question 6: By then, they had several younger children, and they rejected Frederick both as their son and as a person, referring to him as a "foundling" and nicknaming him "Griff", short for the mythical beast known as a ________.
Eagle (heraldry)UnicornSalamander (legendary creature)Griffin

Question 7: The town of ________ is named after him.
MonctonFrederictonMiramichi, New BrunswickSaint John, New Brunswick

Question 8: The Prince of Wales' epigram (quoted by ________, "Four Georges"):
LondonVanity Fair (novel)William Makepeace ThackerayEngland

Question 9: The cause of death has been commonly attributed to an abscess created by a blow by a cricket ball or a tennis ball, but a burst ________ in the lung was given as the cause of death.
CellulitisSystemic lupus erythematosusImpetigoAbscess

Question 10: [13] Frederick died at Leicester House in ________ and he was buried at Westminster Abbey.


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