Fred Newman (actor): Quiz

Question 1: Newman has won two writing Emmys for "Between the Lions." As a musician, he has composed music for the animated series ________ and PB&J Otter, and wrote songs for Doug's 1st Movie.
Rocko's Modern LifeNickelodeon (TV channel)DougRugrats

Question 2: Livewire was known for giving bands their first television appearance, including ________
R.E.M.Automatic for the PeopleMurmur (album)Bill Berry

Question 3: Dink, and other characters), and ________, Harry and the Hendersons, Gremlins, Munchies, Wolf, and Men in Black.
Grand Theft Auto (series)Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityGrand Theft Auto 2Grand Theft Auto III

Question 4: Fred Newman at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseCDNOWBox Office

Question 5: He has also worked heavily as a voice actor with numerous film, television, and video game credits including Who Framed Roger Rabbit, ________ (as Skeeter Valentine, Mr.
Rocko's Modern LifeDougNickelodeon (TV channel)Rugrats

Question 6: Newman is a 1974 graduate of the University of Georgia, and is member of the Delta Chapter of the ________ Fraternity.
Alpha Sigma PhiSigma ChiAlpha Phi AlphaZeta Beta Tau

Question 7: Frederick R. Newman (born May 6,1952 in ________) is an American actor, voice actor, composer, and sound effects artist, as well as a former talk show host.
Hogansville, GeorgiaLaGrange, GeorgiaWest Point, GeorgiaGainesville, Georgia

Question 8: Newman worked with ________ and the Muppets in the 1980s, first as a contributor to Muppet Magazine, and then as the writer of the Muppet Show On Tour live show.
Jim HensonFrank OzSaturday Night LiveThe Blues Brothers (film)

Question 9: As a regular on the radio variety show ________, his vocal sound effects and acting can be heard on all the away shows from the APHC home base in St.
Fred ChildBill McGlaughlinA Prairie Home CompanionGarrison Keillor

Question 10: Prior to the 2000 Presidential Election, Newman was cast as the voice of ________'s comic strip character Uncle Duke.
DoonesburyGeorge W. BushGarry TrudeauRobert Altman

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