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Franz Schlegelberger: Quiz


Question 1: He was sentenced to life in prison for conspiracy to perpetrate war crimes and ________.
War rapeCrime against humanityGenocideHuman rights

Question 2: On 16 September 1904 he became a ________ at the State Court in Lyck (now Ełk).
JudgeProfessorDoctor (title)Rabbi

Question 3: Among Schlegelberger's many works in this time was a bill for the introduction of a new national ________ which was supposed to end the hyperinflation to which the Reichsmark was prone.
CoinISO 4217CyprusCurrency

Question 4: During his time in office the number of ________ rose sharply.
TortureStoningCapital punishmentReligion and capital punishment

Question 5: Schlegelberger then lived in ________ until his death.

Question 6: He studied law beginning in 1894 in Königsberg and from 1895 to 1896 in ________.

Question 7: His father worked in ________ trade sales.

Question 8: Schlegelberger was born into a ________ salesman's family in Königsberg.
ChristianityProtestantismBaptistChristian denomination

Question 9: On 30 January 1938 Schlegelberger joined the Nazi Party on ________'s orders.
NazismAdolf HitlerNazi GermanySchutzstaffel

Question 10: Franz Schlegelberger in the ________ catalogue (German)
Biblioteca Nacional de PortugalGerman National LibraryAustrian National LibrarySS. Cyril and Methodius National Library

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