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Frans de Waal: Quiz


Question 1: ________ are a good example of a species that have and obey social rules; that's why we like them so much, even though they're large carnivores."[3]
Dog breedDog healthDogCoat (dog)

Question 2: In 1981, he moved to the ________ for a position at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, and took his current position at Emory and the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in 1991.
AlaskaPhilippinesCanadaUnited States

Question 3: 1999, "The End of Nature Versus Nurture", ________, vol 281, no 6, p 94-99
Nature BiotechnologyScientific AmericanNature (journal)Scientific American Mind

Question 4: De Waal's name is, of course, also associated with the ________, the "make love - not war" primate that he has made popular.
Common ChimpanzeeBonoboChimpanzeeHuman

Question 5: 2006, "Self-recognition in an Asian elephant", ________, vol 103, no 45, 17053-17057
Journal of Biological ChemistryLinus PaulingImpact factorProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Question 6: Video (with mp3 available) of discussion with De Waal about aspects of primate behavior on ________
Andrew SullivanRobert Wright (journalist)Bloggingheads.tvYouTube

Question 7: In 1975, De Waal began a six-year project on the world's largest captive colony of ________ at the Arnhem Zoo.
BonoboChimpanzeeCommon ChimpanzeeHuman

Question 8: In ________ and other animals, you see examples of sympathy, empathy, reciprocity, a willingness to follow social rules.
ChimpanzeeCommon ChimpanzeeBonoboHuman

Question 9: de Waal', Regina Nuzz, ________ (PNAS)
Impact factorJournal of Biological ChemistryLinus PaulingProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Question 10: His book Our Inner Ape examines human behavior through the eyes of a primatologist, using the behavior of common chimpanzees and ________ as metaphors for human psychology.


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