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Question 1: The later period is called ________, or, especially in architecture, the Pre-Romanesque.
Carolingian artAnglo-Saxon artMedieval artRomanesque art

Question 2: In the Low Countries it evolved into ________.
Old DutchOld FrankishMiddle DutchMiddle High German

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  Gelasian Sacramentary, c. 750
  The pinnacle of Carolingian architecture: the palatine chapel at Aachen, Germany.
  Neustria in 752
  Austrasia in 752

Question 4: The increasing personal wealth of the Merovingian elite allowed the endowment of many monasteries, such as those of the Irish missionary Saint ________.
Pope Gregory IBobbio AbbeyVespersColumbanus

Question 5: It is assumed that Childeric and Clovis I, his son, were commanders of the Roman military in the Province of ________, and thus subordinate to the magister militum.
HispaniaRoman BritainSyria (Roman province)Gallia Belgica

Question 6: [25] During the crusades, which were at first led mostly by nobles from northern France who claimed descent from ________, both Muslims and Christians used these terms as ethnonyms to describe the Crusaders.
AlboinCharlemagneLothair ILouis the Pious

Question 7: A few decades later the Menapian ________ (born in Batavia) created a Batavian-British rumpstate on Roman soil that was supported by Frankish soldiers and pirates.
Carausian RevoltCarausiusAllectusRoman Britain

Question 8: The period of Frankish rule saw the gradual replacement, always pushed for by Rome, of the ________ of the Gallo-Roman church with the Roman rite; this does not seem to have stirred passions outside the clergy.
Gallican RitePsalmsAmbrosian RiteMatins

Question 9: [citation needed] Some historians have gone to the length of relating their oath-making to the later development of ________.

Question 10: The evidence of Gregory and of the ________ implies that the early Franks were a cavalry people.
HungaryGermanyFranceSalic law


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