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Franklin Richards: Quiz


Question 1: The ________, who disliked the statue, attacked the gathering with an array of shape-changing robots.
NamorMad ThinkerStan LeeShe-Hulk

Question 2: He is the young son of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of the ________ and the older brother of Valeria Richards.
Stan LeeSilver SurferJack KirbyFantastic Four

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Franklin Richards have?
Franklin Richards
Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years
Speaker of the Texas House of RepresentativesnGus Franklin Mutscher
State Representative from Webster Parish nJefferson Franklin Colbert

Question 4:
When did Franklin Richards make his debut?
New Titans Annual #6
Fantastic Four #52
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #186
Fantastic Four Annual #6

Question 5:
Who created Franklin Richards?

Question 6: Franklin was later ________ by his time-traveling grandfather Nathaniel Richards, and replaced with his adult counterpart, Psi-Lord, who had been raised by Nathaniel in a dimension outside of time.

Question 7: During a battle between ________-7 and the Fantastic Four, the energy leaking from Ultron awoke Franklin and his powers.
Jack KirbyAvengers (comics)UltronStan Lee

Question 8:
What powers does Franklin Richards have?

Question 9:
What was Franklin Richards allied to?
The Quorum
Interstellar Counter-Intelligence Corps
III: The Society, Justice League

Question 10: It focused on Thor's hammer, ________'s shield, and his father's stretching arm.
Advanced Idea MechanicsWolverine (comics)HYDRACaptain America


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