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Franking: Quiz


Question 1: [17] Such mails are generally serviced as ________ (or equivalent) unless otherwise designated (such as "bulk" mailings).
Postal historyMailUnited KingdomRoyal Mail

Question 2: E050 Official Mail (Franked) from the ________
United States Postal ServiceU.S. stateUnited States CongressUnited States Constitution

Question 3: In ________, mail sent to the President used to be free of charge, but this franking privilege has been abolished in 1999.

Question 4: A limited form of franking privilege originated in the ________ in 1660, with the passage of an act authorizing the formation of the General Post Office.
Parliament of the United KingdomMonarchy of the United KingdomConstitution of the United KingdomPolitics of the United Kingdom

Question 5: The ________ enacted a franking law in 1789 during its very first session.
4th United States Congress1st United States Congress3rd United States Congress2nd United States Congress

Question 6: Because ________ was an early United States Postmaster General, satirist Richard Armour referred to free congressional mailings as the "Franklin privilege"
Benjamin FranklinJohn AdamsThomas JeffersonThomas Mifflin

Question 7: [20] The sitting president does not have personal franking privileges but the vice president, who is also ________, does.
Senate of FijiSenate of FranceUnited States SenatePresident of the Senate

Question 8: In the ________, the franking privilege predates the establishment of the republic itself, as the Continental Congress bestowed it on its members in 1775.
AlaskaCanadaPhilippinesUnited States


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