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Frankie Osborne: Quiz


Question 1: Frankie was formerly married to ________ for 24 years, the two having started dating in the final year of high school.
Johnno DeanJake DeanCraig DeanDebbie Dean

Question 2: When Steph told Frankie she didn't have feelings for ________, Frankie told her that she protested a bit too much.
Cunningham familyCindy HutchinsonTom CunninghamMax Cunningham

Question 3: Frankie works out that ________ is in love with Steph Dean however Gilly denies it and says that he loves Cheryl, his girlfriend.
Hollyoaks Later (series 1)Zoe CarpenterGilly RoachHollyoaks Later (series 2)

Question 4: Francine Bennedictine "Frankie" Osborne (previously Dean) is a fictional character from the long-running ________ soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Helen Pearson.
BBCS4CFive (TV channel)Channel 4

Question 5: Frankie unfortunately suffered from a ________ early on in her pregnancy.
Ectopic pregnancyHydatidiform moleBreech birthMiscarriage

Question 6: After this, an ashamed Darren stayed in his flat and rarely left, knowing everyone knew about the gambling, however ________ managed to get him a job at a charity event in Il Gnosh.
Mandy RichardsonTony HutchinsonMax CunninghamCindy Hutchinson


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