Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials: Quiz

Question 1: review of "The Investigation" by ________ (1965)
PraguePeter WeissBerlinLondon

Question 2: The court's proceedings were largely public and served to bring many details of the Holocaust to the attention of the public in the ________, as well as abroad.

Question 3: ________  : Operation Reinhard • Auschwitz • Belzec • Chelmno • Majdanek • Sobibor • Treblinka
The HolocaustExtermination campHolocaust denialEinsatzgruppen

Question 4: The following historians from the Institute served as expert witnesses for the prosecution; Helmut Krausnick, Hans-Adolf Jacobsen, Hans Buchheim, and ________.
Ernst NolteAdolf HitlerDavid IrvingMartin Broszat

Question 5: Bauer is said to have been opposed in the former purpose by the young ________, then a junior member of the Christian Democratic Union.
Helmut KohlLech WałęsaMikhail GorbachevRonald Reagan

Question 6: Proceedings began in the "Bürgerhaus Gallus", in ________, which was converted into a courthouse for that purpose, and remained there until their conclusion.
StuttgartDarmstadtFrankfurt am MainKassel

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