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Frank Abagnale: Quiz


Question 1: During trial for ________, his defense attorney almost had his case dismissed by arguing that he had "created" the fake checks and not forged them, but his charges were instead reduced to swindling and fraud.

Question 2:
Who of the following is a parent of Frank Abagnale?
Dr. Robert Morton
Hans Ehrenberg
Frank Abagnale, Sr.
Denise Frogatt

Question 3:
What did Frank Abagnale do for a living?
Writer, Lecturer
Actor, Owner/Operator SoulGeek.Com
CEO Abagnale & Associates, security consultants

Question 4:

Question 5: Eventually he was caught in France in 1969 when an ________ attendant whom he had dated in the past recognized him and notified the police.
Aigle AzurCCM AirlinesAir FranceAir Tahiti Nui

Question 6: In his biography, he described the premise of his legal job as a "gopher boy" who simply fetched ________ and books for his boss.
CoffeeCaffeineHistory of coffeeCoffeehouse

Question 7: In 1978, after Abagnale had been a featured speaker at an anti-crime seminar, a ________ reporter looked into his assertions.
Seattle Post-IntelligencerSan Francisco ChronicleTimes Union (Albany)Houston Chronicle

Question 8: Sebring, incognito, picked Abagnale up and drove him to an Atlanta bus station where he took a Greyhound bus to ________, and soon thereafter, a train to Washington, D.C..
MassachusettsNew YorkConnecticutNew Jersey

Question 9: However, as a medical layman, Abagnale was nearly discovered after almost letting a baby die through ________ (he had no idea what the nurse meant when she said there was a "blue baby").
Altitude sicknessDecompression sicknessAsphyxiaHypoxia (medical)

Question 10: He was then extradited to ________ where he was treated fairly well under Swedish law.

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