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Question 1: ________ (1701-14)
Battle of BlenheimWar of the Spanish SuccessionCapture of GibraltarBattle of Ramillies

Question 2: At the outset of the war, France led a coalition that included Münster and ________ against the Dutch.
WalesEnglandScotlandUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Already, allies had joined the Dutch cause; the Elector of ________, the Emperor, and Charles II of Spain.

Question 4: Louis XIV had been angered by the refusal of the Dutch, a former French ally, to cooperate in the destruction and division of the ________ in the War of Devolution which he had fought against Spain a few years previously.
Dutch RepublicEighty Years' WarBatavian RepublicSouthern Netherlands

Question 5: William III (who would later also seize the throne of England, see ________) and Louis XIV.
Magna CartaNine Years' WarMonarchGlorious Revolution

Question 6: Most notably, the French acquired the Franche-Comté and various territories in the ________ from the Spanish.
Southern NetherlandsDutch RepublicEighty Years' WarBatavian Republic

Question 7: In 1676, the French navy finally destroyed a Dutch fleet near ________ and temporarily achieved naval supremacy in the Mediterranean.

Question 8: Nevertheless, the Dutch had thwarted the ambitions of two of the major royal dynasties of the time: the Stuarts and the ________.
Capetian dynastyHouse of BonaparteHouse of BourbonHouse of Habsburg

Question 9: During their war against England, the Dutch also occupied New York City, which had formerly been the Dutch settlement of ________, but returned it to the English when the English left the war.
New NetherlandNew AmsterdamNew Netherland settlementsFort Amsterdam

Question 10: Jurriaen Aernoutsz, a navy captain from Curaçao, captured two small forts in the French colony of ________ in 1674.
AcadiaFrench colonial empireNewfoundland (island)New France


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