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Question 1: Daniel Florence O'Leary, ________ to Simón Bolívar, said of Miranda's death:
Hereditary peerAide-de-campDistinguished Service OrderRoyal Victorian Order

Question 2: He participated in the Capture of The Bahamas and carried news of the island's fall to his superior ________.
Viceroyalty of New SpainJohn Campbell, of StrachurBernardo de Gálvez y Madrid, Count of GálvezAmerican Revolutionary War

Question 3: Miranda made use of the Spanish-British diplomatic row known as the ________ in February 1790 to present to some British Cabinet ministers his ideas about the independence of Spanish territories in South America.
John MearesNootka CrisisJames ColnettJosé María Narváez

Question 4: His name remains engraved on the ________, which was built during the First Empire.
ParisArc de TriomphePère Lachaise CemeteryChamps-Élysées

Question 5: The Leander and the expeditionary force regrouped on the British islands of ________ and Trinidad.
Cayman IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsBarbadosAnguilla

Question 6: He was arrested again in July 1793, when he was incarcerated in La Force prison, effectively one of the ante-chambers of death during the prevailing ________.
Reign of TerrorNational ConventionJacques HébertFrench Revolution

Question 7: An idealist, he developed a visionary plan to liberate and unify all of ________ but his own military initiatives on behalf of an independent Spanish America failed in 1812.
Hispanic AmericaAmericasCaracasLatin America

Question 8: During this earlier times in London he had met Colonel William S. Smith, secretary to ________'s American Legation.
Benjamin FranklinThomas JeffersonMartin Van BurenJohn Adams

Question 9: He remained in La Force even after the fall of ________ in July 1794, and was not finally released until the January of the following year.
French RevolutionMaximilien RobespierreLouis Antoine de Saint-JustNational Convention

Question 10: In Jacmel, ________, Miranda acquired two other ships, the Bee and the Bacchus, and their crews.
Tortuga (Haiti)Cap-HaïtienHaitiPort-au-Prince


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