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Question 1: He then fought in conflicts in different parts of Morocco and in 1492 participated in the Christian conquest of ________ on the side of the Castilians.
GranadaIznalloz, GranadaBubiónBaza, Granada

Question 2: Hereupon Lourenço de Almeida explored the coastal waters southwards to ________, modern Sri Lanka.
KandyJa-ElaColomboSri Jayawardenapura Kotte

Question 3: There is also a community of Goan Christians, both in ________ and Pakistan, who carry the surname Almeida and are apparently his descendants through marriages/liaisons with native Indian women.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingIndiaLok Sabha

Question 4: In Cannanore however, a new ruler, hostile to the Portuguese and friendly with the ________, attacked the Portuguese garrison, leading to the Siege of Cannanore (1507).
SaamoothiriKochi, IndiaMamankam festivalKerala

Question 5: In August 1505 the Portuguese arrived at ________, a coastal port further north.

Question 6: ________ (Fernão de Magalhães) accompanied Almeida to the east, but was promoted to captain and only returned in 1512 after losing that commission.
Ferdinand MagellanSpainSpanish EmpirePortuguese Empire

Question 7: In 1509, Almeida become the first Portuguese to set sail in ________.
Nariman PointNavi MumbaiMumbaiSalsette Island

Question 8: Almeida is credited with establishing Portuguese hegemony in the Indian Ocean, with his victory at the naval ________ in 1509.
Al-Ashraf Qansuh al-GhawriBattle of Diu (1509)Portuguese EmpireBattle of Chaul (1508)

Question 9: In 1503 King ________ appointed Almeida, then in his mid 50s, as the first viceroy of Portuguese India (Estado da Índia).
John III of PortugalSebastian of PortugalManuel I of PortugalHenry of Portugal

Question 10: 1450 in Lisbon; died March 1, 1510 at Table Bay, ________), was a Portuguese nobleman, soldier and explorer.
South AfricaCape TownCape of Good HopeTable Mountain National Park


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