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Question 1: The Benedictine section of the Celestines was separated from the Franciscan section, and the latter was formally suppressed by ________ in 1302.
Pope Julius IIPope Alexander VIPope Boniface VIIIPope Clement V

Question 2:
Who of the following is a key person at Franciscan?
Anil B. Jain, u2014 Chief Executive Officer
Francis of Assisi u2014 founder
Sreu0107ko Nijemu010Deviu0107 u2014 Director
Mr Francis M O'Halloran

Question 3: The Franciscans established the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum as an academic society based in Jerusalem and ________ for the study of scripture.
Hong KongUnited StatesPhilippinesMacau

Question 4: Franciscans International [9] is a ________ (NGO) with General Consultative status at the United Nations, uniting the voices of Franciscan brothers and sisters from around the world.
Non-governmental organizationCharitable trustFoundation (non-profit)Non-profit organization

Question 5: It must be noted that ________, whom St.
Clare of AssisiCatholic ChurchFranciscanFrancis of Assisi

Question 6: The three separate groups, each considered a religious order in its own right, are the Observants, most commonly simply called "Franciscan friars," the Capuchins, and the ________.
AugustiniansConventual FranciscansDominican OrderCarmelites

Question 7:
What is the abbreviation of Franciscan?
BMC Cancer

Question 8: Initially, the women's communities took a monastic form of life, either voluntarily or under pressure from ________ superiors.
Christian theologyBiblical canonEcclesiologyChristology

Question 9:
When was Franciscan formed?

Question 10: Francis, members of the Third Order began to live in common, in an attempt to follow a more ________ way of life.


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