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Francis E. Dec: Quiz


Question 1:
Francis E. Dec, Edgar Allan Poe and Jonathan Franzen are all:
Outsider literature Writers from New York Brooklyn Law School alumni New York lawyers

Question 2:
Francis E. Dec, Charles Fort and Stephen Kaplan are all:
American writers on paranormal topics American people of Polish descent Writers from New York American fraudsters

Question 3: One of Dec's rants was reprinted on the back-cover of ________'s Weirdo #8[40] (Summer 1983).
United StatesRobert CrumbClevelandPennsylvania

Question 4:
Francis E. Dec, Saul Williams and Sacha Dhawan are all:
Church of the SubGenius American fraudsters Spoken word artists Writers from New York

Question 5: "Long Island Lunacy" (transcript from audio is "Rant No. 4", ________), presumed around 1982,[25] — Various autobiographical data for 1959–1982.
Intelligent designFrancis E. DecEugenicsDonna Kossy

Question 6: pbk., 287 p., 2001) — Collects material from her ________.
EugenicsFrancis E. DecIntelligent designDonna Kossy

Question 7: Dec's publications are considered ________,[34][37] circulated for their unintended humor, underground poetry,[38][39] or both.
Abstract expressionismOutsider artModern artArt Nouveau

Question 8: Albans VA hospital in ________[14][31] by his brother Joseph I.
QueensBrooklynNassau County, New YorkNew York City

Question 9: Dec enlisted on April 13, 1944[9] as a private in the ________, "for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months".
9th Operations GroupUnited States Army Air CorpsUnited States Army Air Forces1st Operations Group

Question 10:
Francis E. Dec, John Forbes Nash, Jr. and Bettie Page are all:
Conspiracy theorists Underground poets People with schizophrenia People from Hempstead (village), New York

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