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  • Dr. Benjamin Bates gave up his practice to accompany Sir Francis Dashwood around Europe, but Dashwood died and Bates never received the huge payment he had been promised?

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Question 1: He was appointed Treasurer of the Chamber in 1761 and ________ in 1762 but was forced to resign the following year after announcing an unpopular budget and subsequently served as Master of the Great Wardrobe[9].
Gordon BrownHarold MacmillanChancellor of the ExchequerWinston Churchill

Question 2: The first meeting of the group known vatiously as Brotherhood of St. Francis of Wycombe,[7] Order of Knights of West Wycombe was held at Sir Francis' family home in West Wycombe on ________ in 1752.
FinlandWalpurgis NightSwedenHelsinki

Question 3: ________ drew Sir Francis Dashwood at his Devotions for dilettante Viscount Boyne.
Beer Street and Gin LaneLondonEmblematical Print on the South Sea SchemeWilliam Hogarth

Question 4: ________ in the 2001 Novel Fatal Voyage.
Kathy ReichsBones (TV series)McGill UniversityTemperance Brennan

Question 5: In 1726 he went on a Grand Tour of ________ becoming one of the first Britons to include Russia on his itinerary.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansEurope

Question 6: Francis Dashwood, 15th Baron le Despencer (December 1708 – 11 December 1781) was an English rake and politician, ________ (1762–1763) and founder of the Hellfire Club.
Chancellor of the ExchequerHarold MacmillanWinston ChurchillGordon Brown

Question 7: He was born in London, and educated at ________ where he became associated with William Pitt the Elder.
Wellington College, BerkshireEton CollegeLambrookSunningdale School

Question 8: ________ in the 2009 novel The Genesis Secret.
Tom KnoxMichael NutterPhiladelphiaPennsylvania gubernatorial election, 2010

Question 9: In 1744 he and fellow Dilettante the Earl of Sandwich founded the short-lived Divan Club for those who had visited the ________ to share their experiences, but this club was disbanded two years later.
TurkeyOttoman EmpireTurkish peopleIstanbul

Question 10: Received a name check from Vivian Stanshall at the end of side two of the original recording of ________'s Tubular Bells, as found in the Mike Oldfield Boxed collection (Virgin Records - CDBOX1).
Mike Oldfield singles discographyMoonlight ShadowMike Oldfield discographyMike Oldfield


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