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Question 1: Declaration, it comprised a statement of principles rather than a ________ with legal effect.
United KingdomLawDemocracyConstitution

Question 2: The Commune used the socialist ________ rather than the moderate republican tricolore (during the Second Republic in 1848, radicals supporting a socialist alternative government to the moderate republican Second Republic already raised a red flag).
CommunismRed flagCommunist symbolismFrench Revolution

Question 3: The ________ came to an end.
French Revolutionary WarsItalian campaigns of the French Revolutionary WarsFirst CoalitionWar of the Second Coalition

Question 4: In 1796, ________ was given command of an army that was to invade Italy.
Napoleonic WarsFrench DirectoryFirst French EmpireNapoleon I

Question 5: A large group of ________ on the right demanded the restoration of the Bourbons to the throne.
Élisabeth de FranceMarie Louise d'Orléans (1662–1689)LegitimistsClotilde de France

Question 6: The new constitution installed the Directoire and created the first ________ in French history.
Upper houseUnited States SenateBicameralismAustralian Senate

Question 7: But the expedition foundered when the British fleet of Horatio Nelson caught and destroyed most of the French ships in the ________.
Order of battle at the Battle of the NileMediterranean campaign of 1798Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount NelsonBattle of the Nile

Question 8: ________ later condemned these movements of Catholics for democracy and Socialism in Nostre Charge Apostolique against the Le Síllon movement.
Pope Pius IXPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPope Pius X

Question 9: In particular, the Guizot administration was marked by increasingly ________ crackdowns on republicanism and dissent, and an increasingly pro-business laissez-faire policy.

Question 10: Louis-Philippe was crowned “King of the French,” instead of "King of France": this marked his acceptance of ________, which replaced the Ancien Régime 's divine right.
LiberalismPopular sovereigntyDemocratic educationClassical liberalism


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