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Question 1: These contacts followed the intense conflict between the Carolingians and the Umayyads, marked by the landslide ________ in 732, and were aimed at establishing a counter-alliance with the faraway Abbasid Empire.
Charles MartelBattle of ToursAl-AndalusReconquista

Question 2: [54] On the religious plane, the ________ was formed from 1658 in order to provide for missionary work in Asia mainly, under French control.
Counter-ReformationFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsParis Foreign Missions SocietyCatholic Church

Question 3: One was wrecked in the ________, leading to the adventure of François Pyrard de Laval who managed to return to France in 1611.
MaldivesCyprusPhilippinesEast Timor

Question 4: The ________ has the second largest fleet of France's Mirage 2000H after Armée de l'Air
Research and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndian Air ForceIndian Peace Keeping Force

Question 5: In 1664 a first mission was sent to Madagascar under François Caron, formerly in the service of the ________.
Dutch East India CompanyDutch West India CompanyDutch EmpireFrench East India Company

Question 6: They traversed the Mediterranean in a frail boat with neither rudder nor mast and landed at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer near ________ in 40 CE.

Question 7: France especially developed a taste for artistic forms derived from Chinese art and narratives, called Chinoiserie, as well as for Turkish scenes, called ________.
Franco-Ottoman allianceTurquerieOttoman EmpireOrientalism

Question 8: In 451 he arrived in ________ with an army exaggerated by Jordanes to half a million strong.
Syria (Roman province)HispaniaRoman BritainGallia Belgica

Question 9: ________ also was strongly influenced by the vividness of Japanese painting through Japonism.

Question 10: One was captured by the Dutch, but the other obtained an agreement from the ruler of ________ to build a fortress and a factory there, and came back with a rich cargo.
Mahé, IndiaTamil NaduPuducherryKerala


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