François Jacob: Quiz

Question 1: In this way, a robust ________ is constructed that allows the set of lactose-digesting proteins products to be made only when they are needed.
CyberneticsControl theoryPositive feedbackFeedback

Question 2: ________ / Renato Dulbecco / Howard Temin (1975)
Marshall Warren NirenbergJames D. WatsonArthur KornbergDavid Baltimore

Question 3: François Jacob was awarded, together with André Lwoff and Jacques Monod, the 1965 ________.
Stanley Cohen (biochemist)Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineBarbara McClintockSalvador Luria

Question 4: Studies of enzyme activity control were progressing through theories of the (allosteric) action of small ________ on the enzyme molecule itself (switching it on or off), but the method of controlling the enzyme production was not well understood at the time.

Question 5: Their experiments and ideas gave impetus to the emerging field of molecular ________, and of transcriptional regulation in particular.
Human development (biology)EmbryogenesisDevelopmental biologyPrenatal development

Question 6: The regulation of gene activity has developed into a very large sub-discipline of ________, and in truth exhibits enormous variety in mechanism and many levels of complexity.
EpigeneticsTranscriptional regulationMolecular biologyPost-transcriptional regulation

Question 7: In 1961 Jacob and Monod explored the idea that the control of enzyme expression levels in cells is a result of feedback on the transcription of ________ sequences.
DNARNANucleic acidProtein

Question 8: This repressor (the lac repressor) is made in all cells, binding directly to DNA at the ________ it controls, and physically preventing the transcription apparatus from gaining access to the DNA.

Question 9: After his recovery, Jacob returned to medical school and began researching penicillin, which had been developed for mass production during the war—and learning the methods of ________ in the process.
MicrobiologyNatural scienceSocial sciencesPseudoscience

Question 10: For many years it had been known that bacterial and other cells could respond to external conditions by regulating levels of their key metabolic enzymes, and/or the activity of these ________.
Cofactor (biochemistry)EnzymeProteinEnzyme inhibitor

Source: The Full Wiki (çois_Jacob)