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Question 1: This frame of reference orbits around the center of the Earth, which introduces a fictitious force known as the ________ (among others).
Thermohaline circulationCoriolis effectOcean gyreGulf Stream

Question 2: For more detail see ________.
Orthogonal coordinatesCurvilinear coordinatesDivergenceEuclidean vector

Question 3: [30] (See second, meter and ________).
Metric systemKilogramMass versus weightPlanck constant

Question 4: Seen from the perspective of a rotating frame of reference the manifestation of inertia appears to exert a force (either in centrifugal direction, or in a direction orthogonal to an object's motion, the ________).
Thermohaline circulationOcean gyreCoriolis effectGulf Stream

Question 5: [8] Extension to coordinate systems using generalized coordinates underlies the Hamiltonian and ________ formulations[9] of quantum field theory, classical relativistic mechanics, and quantum gravity.
Noether's theoremLagrangianAction (physics)Euler–Lagrange equation

Question 6: Frames of reference are especially important in ________, because when a frame of reference is moving at some significant fraction of the speed of light, then the flow of time in that frame does not necessarily apply in another frame.
Maxwell's equationsGeneral relativitySpecial relativityElectromagnetism

Question 7: In this geometry, a "free" particle is defined as one at rest or traveling at constant speed on a ________ path.
General relativityGeodesicAffine connectionMetric tensor

Question 8: To him, the car moves along the x axis with some ________ v in the positive x-direction.
Classical mechanicsSpeedKinematicsVelocity

Question 9: Newton's assumed a Euclidean space, but ________ uses a more general geometry.
Introduction to general relativityGravitationBlack holeGeneral relativity

Question 10: An important aspect of a coordinate system is its metric gik, which determines the ________ ds in the coordinate system in terms of its coordinates:[24]
CurveIntegralCalculusArc length


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