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Question 1: The detailed situation is the subject of thermodynamics, a subdivision of physics of importance to ________.
Inorganic chemistryChemistryPeriodic tableElectrochemistry

Question 2: In practice, while not able to produce an alcohol concentration comparable to ________, this technique can achieve some concentration with far less effort than any practical distillation apparatus would require.
DistillationSpinning coneAzeotropeLiquid-liquid extraction

Question 3: For an in depth discussion of the physics and chemistry, see ________.
IronMercury (element)Eutectic systemGold

Question 4: ________ is the result of a similar process, but in this case, the freezing happens before the fermentation, and thus it is sugar, not alcohol, that gets concentrated.
German wineChardonnayRieslingIce wine

Question 5: If, however, a eutectic system forms (analogous to an ________ in distillation), a very pure solid can be recovered, as long as the liquid is not at its eutectic composition (in which case a mixed solid forms, which can be hard to separate) or above its eutectic composition (in which case the undesired solid forms).
AzeotropeFlocculationLiquid-liquid extractionSpinning cone

Question 6: Fractional freezing is also used in the production of fruit juice concentrates and other heat-sensitive liquids, as it does not involve heating the liquid (as happens during ________).
WaterEvaporationTemperatureWater vapor

Question 7: Such enrichment parallels enrichment by true ________, where the evaporated and recondensed portion is richer than the liquid portion left behind.
Liquid-liquid extractionAzeotropeDistillationSpinning cone

Question 8: Fractional freezing is a process used in process engineering and ________ to separate two liquids with different melting points.
Inorganic chemistryElectrochemistryPeriodic tableChemistry

Question 9: It can be done by partial melting of a solid, for example in zone refining of silicon or ________, or by partial crystallization of a liquid, for example "freeze distillation", also called "normal freezing" or "progressive freezing".
MetalNoble gasNonmetalHalogen


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