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Fractional crystallization (geology): Quiz


Question 1: For example, the partial pressure (fugacity) of water in silicate melts can be of prime importance, as in near-solidus crystallization of magmas of ________ composition.
GraniteIgneous rockBasaltFelsic

Question 2: Fractional crystallization in silicate melts (________) is complex compared to crystallization in chemical systems at constant pressure and composition, because changes in pressure and composition can have dramatic effects on magma evolution.
MagmaBasaltIgneous rockGranite

Question 3: Experimentally-determined ________ for simple mixtures provide insights into general principles.
Phase diagramSolidGasPhase transition

Question 4: Fractional crystallization is the removal and segregation from a melt of ________ precipitates; except in special cases, removal of the crystals changes the composition of the magma.

Question 5: MgO and SiO2 concentrations in melts are among the variables that determine whether forsterite ________ or enstatite pyroxene is precipitated, but the water content and pressure are also important.
BasaltQuartzIgneous rockOlivine

Question 6: High-temperature fractional crystallization of relatively water-poor ________ magmas may produce single-alkali-feldspar granite, and lower-temperature crystallization of relatively water-rich magma may produce two-feldspar granite.
FelsicBasaltGraniteIgneous rock


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