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Question 1: Notably, the guess here only slightly underestimates the mean circumference of the ________ (approximately 24,880 miles).

Question 2: Although miglia is the Italian translation for ________, the modern mile was not standardized to be exactly 5,280 feet until 1592, so the intended estimation is somewhat ambiguous.
Foot (length)MileUnited States customary unitsUnited States

Question 3: Fra Mauro's ________ (south is at the top, with the "Cape of Diab" marking the southern point)
African UnionAfricaSub-Saharan AfricaScramble for Africa

Question 4: This copy was completed on April 24, 1459, and sent to ________, but did not survive to the present day.
SpainEast TimorGreecePortugal

Question 5: A copy of the world map was made by Fra Mauro and his assistant Andrea Bianco, a sailor-cartographer, under a commission by king ________.
Afonso V of PortugalJohn III of PortugalEdward of PortugalJohn II of Portugal

Question 6: A critical edition of the map was published by ________ in 2006.
Biblioteca MarcianaDefamationCartographyPiero Falchetta

Question 7: "Fra Mauro's World Map", ________, Brepols 2006, ISBN 2503517269
Biblioteca MarcianaCartographyPiero FalchettaDefamation

Question 8: A part of Japan, probably Kyūshū, appears below the island of Java, with the legend "Isola de Cimpagu" (a mis-spelling of ________).
Names of ChinaNames of JapanNames of SingaporeNames of Korea

Question 9: He recognized however the extent of the East given by Ptolemy, thereby suppressing the central position that ________ had held on previous maps:

Question 10: It is a circular planisphere drawn on ________ and set in a wooden frame, about two meters in diameter.


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