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Frédéric Chopin: Quiz


Question 1: Named for the composer are the largest Polish music conservatory, the Fryderyk Chopin Music Academy; Warsaw Frédéric Chopin Airport; and ________ 3784 Chopin.
AsteroidAsteroid beltCometCeres (dwarf planet)

Question 2: Orefice also applied an operatic treatment to one of ________'s novels, Consuelo.
Frédéric ChopinCharles BaudelaireGustave FlaubertGeorge Sand

Question 3: He also took the example of Bach's preludes and ________, transforming the genre in his own Préludes.
Johann Sebastian BachBaroque musicFugueJohann Pachelbel

Question 4: ________ said the following about Chopin's music and its universality:
Georg SoltiDaniel BarenboimSviatoslav RichterArthur Rubinstein

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Frdric Chopin have?
u00C9tude Op. 25, No. 2 in F minor
Last Hour of the Last Day of Work
Member of Parliament for West Lothian
Perkel graph

Question 6: In 1909, to celebrate Chopin's centenary, the Russian composer Sergei Lyapunov wrote a "________ in memory of Chopin", titled Zhelazova Vola, Op.
Franz LisztSymphonic poemNikolai Rimsky-KorsakovSymphonic poems (Liszt)

Question 7:
What format does Frdric Chopin follow?

Question 8: ________ and the younger Russian composers, too, found inspiration in Chopin's examples.
Frédéric ChopinFranz LisztRobert SchumannJohannes Brahms

Question 9: Arthur Hedley et al., "Chopin, Frédéric (François)," ________, 15th ed., 2005, vol.
WikipediaPropædiaEncyclopædia BritannicaEncyclopedia

Question 10: Another reference to Chopin in cinema occurs in ________'s Autumn Sonata.
Wild Strawberries (film)Fanny and AlexanderThe Seventh SealIngmar Bergman

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