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Question 1:
On what date was Foxy Brown (rapper) born?
Tu00E4by, Sweden

Question 2: An early form of The Firm appeared on "Affirmative Action", from Nas' second album, ________.
God's SonIllmaticIt Was WrittenI Am… (Nas album)

Question 3: [8] The album entered the ________ album chart at #1 and sold over one million records and is RIAA certified platinum.
Billboard 200Billboard Hot 100Billboard Hot 100 50th Anniversary ChartsHot Adult Contemporary Tracks

Question 4:
Which of the following genres does Foxy Brown (rapper) produce?

Question 5:
What did Foxy Brown (rapper) do for a living?

Question 6: According to the prison authorities, Brown, the next day after the incident, was also verbally abusive toward correction officers and refused to take a random ________.
DextromethorphanCocaineDrug testMDMA

Question 7: Threat of arrest faced her following an altercation at the Norman Manley International Airport in ________ from July 26, 2002; she would be arrested if she ever would return to the country.
Kingston, JamaicaPort AntonioMontego BaySpanish Town

Question 8: On September 12, 2007, her representatives stated the rapper was not ________ in response to claims by her lawyer that she was.
Reproductive medicinePrenatal developmentPregnancySexual intercourse

Question 9: The second single from the album was "Oh Yeah", which featured her then-boyfriend, Jamaican ________ artist Spragga Benz.
DeejayingReggaeSound system (Jamaican)Dancehall

Question 10: She eventually received a 30-day suspended sentence and was ordered to perform 80 hours of ________.
United StatesScoutingAlpha Phi OmegaCommunity service

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