Fourth Doctor: Quiz

Question 1: This horror element attracted much criticism, notably from ________, and Hinchcliffe was moved on to police drama Target in 1977.
Mary WhitehouseDoctor WhoCharles Curran (broadcaster)Birmingham

Question 2: For audiences in the United States, who saw the show only in syndication (mostly on ________), it was this incarnation of the Doctor who is the best known, as his episodes were the ones most frequently broadcast stateside.
Universal SportsUnivisionIon TelevisionPublic Broadcasting Service

Question 3: A brief holographic clip of the Fourth Doctor appears in "________".
The Next DoctorDoctor WhoThe Stolen EarthCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 4: After the Doctor cures the computer, one of the Sevateem, Leela, joins him on his travels (________).
The Face of EvilThe Robots of DeathThe Talons of Weng-ChiangThe Hand of Fear

Question 5: Archival footage of the Fourth Doctor's first title sequence was used in the ________ episode "Blue Harvest" to parody Star Wars hyperspace.
The Cleveland ShowFamily Guy (season 4)The SimpsonsFamily Guy

Question 6: Not only did he seem more inclined toward a solitary existence (________), he also emphasised his distance from humanity, although he stated on more than one occasion that he found mankind to be his favourite species.
The Five DoctorsThe Ultimate FoeThe Deadly AssassinMaster (Doctor Who)

Question 7: After contracting radiation poisoning on the planet Metebelis 3, the Third Doctor makes his way back to UNIT headquarters, where the Time Lord K'Anpo Rimpoche aids him in regenerating (________).
The Five DoctorsCompanion (Doctor Who)Planet of the SpidersRobot (Doctor Who)

Question 8: The Doctor travels with journalist Sarah Jane Smith, whom he had befriended prior to his regeneration, and, for a time, with UNIT Surgeon-Lieutenant ________.
K-9 (Doctor Who)Harry SullivanFourth DoctorCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 9: Heart of TARDIS by Dave Stone (Also features the ________, although neither Doctor meets the other, each Doctor simply tackling a different end of the same crisis with only the Fourth aware of his other self's involvement)
Second DoctorCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)The Five Doctors

Question 10: Before the eyes of the Doctor's companions, the Watcher merges with the Fourth Doctor, regenerating him into the ________.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Zagreus (audio drama)Nyssa (Doctor Who)Fifth Doctor

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