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Fourth Council of the Lateran: Quiz


Question 1: The county of ________, a possession of Raymond VI, was confiscated and kept in trust to be restored to his son if he proved worthy of it.

Question 2: The Fourth Council of the Lateran was convoked by ________ with the papal bull of April 19, 1213, and the Council gathered in November of 1215.
Pope Innocent IIIPope Benedict XVICatholic ChurchPope Alexander VI

Question 3: Pierre-Bermond of Sauve's claim to Toulouse was rejected, and ________ was awarded to Simon de Montfort; the lordship of Melgueil was separated from Toulouse and entrusted to the bishops of Maguelonne.

Question 4: Canon 21 Reaffirmed the requirement that every Christian who had reached the age of reason (7–8 years) to confess their sins and receive ________ at least once a year.
TransubstantiationSacramental breadEucharistic theologyEucharist

Question 5: Condemned ________ and Amalric of Bennes for heresy and vindicated Peter Lombard's teaching on the Trinity.
Pope Benedict XVIJoachim of FioreThomas AquinasPope Innocent III

Question 6: The pope presented to the Council seventy one decrees; these were considered along with the organization of the ________ and with measures against heretics.
Sixth CrusadeFifth CrusadeCrusadesSecond Crusade

Question 7: Exposition of the faith; of the dogma of the Trinity, and of ________
Summorum PontificumTransubstantiationCatholic ChurchRoman Catholic theology

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